Sunday, March 22, 2015

WMH Philippines Warfare 2015 - Week 12

Week 12. Appraisery makes its mark on the map

With faith and fire, forces of the Protectorate of Menoth gain a solid foothold in the region of Critical Hit Iloilo, and have begun establishing a perimeter around a significant quarry. Grand Exemplar Kreoss has been at the vanguard of several battles that led to the Protectorate's gain of influence.

Mists swallow the land of Arcanopolis as the undead empire of Cryx and the blighted Legion of Everblight wage war on their now-deserted streets. Goreshade clashes with Thagrosh, the Prophet of Everblight, but in a decisive turn of events, the Lord of Ruin secures a victory for Cryx.

Bunny Beatdown at The Bunny Baker - Week 12

Emperador - Week 12

Critical Hit Iloilo - Week 12

Arcanopolis - Week 12

Appraisery - Week 12

Castle Black - Week 12

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