Monday, March 02, 2015

Castle Black - Karchev the Terrible vs Grand Exemplar Kreoss

Grand Exemplar Kreoss
Karchev the Terrible
Trying an interesting take with another Solitairemachine gig at Castle Black. This time, bringing out my good friend, Lesther Calina's Protectorate of Menoth force led by Grand Exemplar Kreoss. I also looked at my cabinet and figured to bring out another Apotheosis caster for Kreoss2 to face - Karchev the Terrible!

Same snow table and same scenario, Two Fronts, but with rearranged terrain pieces on the Castle Black table!

Grand Exemplar Kreoss with a Guardian and a Crusader for his battlegroup, two units of Knights Exemplar, one minimum unit of Exemplar Errants, one minimum unit of Choir of Menoth, a Knights Exemplar Seneschal, a Paladin of the Order of the Wall, Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord and Kell Bailoch
Karchev the Terrible with two Destroyers and the Behemoth for his battlegroup; a War Dog, a unit of Greylord Ternion, a Gobber Tinker and Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

Turn 1 Grand Exemplar Kreoss

Grand Exemplar Kreoss' force advance aggressively up the field
Exemplar Errants take the front with Inviolable Resolve and Heroic Call

Turn 1 Karchev the Terrible

Karchev the Terrible uses Tow to bring up his battlegroup to bear
Eiryss, Angel of retribution, takes cover in the Khadoran bunker
Greylord Ternion cast Blizzard on the warjacks
The Behemoth takes down the Paladin of the Order of the wall with a boosted Bombard shot
One of the Destroyers takes out the Knight Exemplar Seneschal, also with a boosted Bombard shot

Turn 2 Grand Exemplar Kreoss

Exemplar Errants advance and fire their Heavy Crossbow shots at Karchev the Terrible
The rest of Grand Exemplar Kreoss advances up the battlefield
Grand Exemplar Kreoss takes cover behind a low stone wall

 Turn 2 Karchev the Terrible

The Greylord Ternion advance and cast Frostbite on the Protectorate infantry
The Exemplar Errants use Self Sacrifice to keep their right flank standing
Karchev the Terrible upkeeps Tow, charges the Guardian and deals heavy damage on the Protectorate warjack
The Behemoth advances and makes melee attacks on the Exemplar Errants
One of the Destroyers also attempt to vanquish the Exemplar Errant unit
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution and the Gobber Tinker run up and engage the Protectorate force
The War Dog advances within Guard Dog reach of the Khador warcaster
With Sidearms (Note: Karchev the Terrible's warjacks are in base-to-base with the Khadoan warcaster) and the War Dog, Karchev the Terrible is sitting on a very good DEF 17 against melee attacks

 Turn 3 Grand Exemplar Kreoss

Grand Exemplar Kreoss upkeeps none of his spells and keeps all focus on himself
The Guardian takes more damage as it disengages from Karchev the Terrible
Rhuper Carvolo, Piper of Ord, uses March on the Protectorate warcaster
Grand Exemplar Kreoss charges Karchev the Terrible
Strength Of Arms Justifier Armor Piercing attack!

The Protectorate of Menoth's Grand Exemplar Kreoss victorious over Khador's Karchev the Terrible via assassination!

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