Sunday, March 22, 2015

Castle Black - The Old Witch of Khador vs Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion of Umbrey

"Show me the bloody legacy of the Motherland, my dark prince," Zevanna challenged, arcane power coursing through the ground. The Behemoth and a nearby Devastator flared to life as the Scrapjack approached its master. Crows circled silently above the battlefield.

A loud clang echoed as Vladimir thrusted Dominion on the rocky earth. "My destiny is my own!" Metal banged against metal as numerous Iron Fangs lined up alongside the Dark Champion.

"It is mine alone to forge! Not yours, Old Witch! Not the Empress! Mine!"

50PC Incursion table at Castle Black
Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion of Umbrey's Blood of Heroes
The Old Witch of Khador
Iron Fangs run up the battlefield to take the fight head on!
Saxon Orrik takes aim against Volkov, but fails to wound him
Sylys Wyshnalyrr casts Arcane Secrets on the Old Witch

The Old Witch charges a Winterguard Infantry grunt; who makes his Tough check. With Arcane Secrets, the Old Witch casts Gallows at Volkov and wounds him. She uses her feat, Field of Talons and casts Iron Flesh on herself.
Gorman Di Wulfe lobs an Acid Bomb at Yarovich.
The Rogue Alchemist's Acid Bomb gravely wounds Yarovich. Kolsk manages to throw off the bomb's corrosive effects.
The Old Witch's forces advance to gain more ground
The Old Witch's Field of Talons reaches deep into Vladimir's forces
Kolsk fearlessly advances through the Field of Talons, taking tremendous damage and making his Tough roll. Being naturally Steady, Kolsk's successful Tough check did not knock him down.
Bloody and bruised, and the Hand Of Fate coursing through his veins, Kolsk takes his Great Axe to the Old Witch
The Dark Champion uses Transference to aid Kolsk's attack
Kolsk's first attack misses, but his Backswing attack powered by Hand Of Fate and Transference inflicted grievous injury on the Old Witch
Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion of Umbrey, uses his feat, Blood Legacy
Four Black Dragons receive the benefit of their warcaster's feat
The Black Dragons use Iron Zeal to advance to the Old Witch. Unfortunately, the Old Witch's feat slices through the entire unit, but the four Blood Legacy Black Dragons walk through it unscathed.
Only two Black Dragons manage to engage the Old Witch. Bracing for a combined melee attack, Vladimir uses his last focus through Transference to improve the Blood Legacy Black Dragons' attack
The attack hits, dealing fatal damage!
The Old Witch is defeated! The Dark Champion is victorious!
50PC Incursion - Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Champion of Umbrey (Vlad2), victorious over the Old Witch of Khador via assassination

WARMACHINE Philippines Warfare 2015 update:

Week 12

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