Sunday, March 29, 2015

Carnage & Wreckage 2015 Post Event Part 2

Last WMH guys standing!

One of C&W's Best Painted judges, Jun Tan, inspecting SJ Quema's Trollbloods

Round One underway!


I feel a disturbance in the Fo... wait...

Scenario one is Destruction

Chicco's Butcher3 vs Taks' Durgen; funny how HH/CBF often get matched up

Press Gangers grab a lot of ground

Jake's Mercenary army pretending to be Cygnar

Bradigus' force aggressively plows forward

Protectorate warjacks take the center of the battlefield

The surging tide of Kriel Warriors

Durgen Madhammer's Earthbreaker

Syntherion's Prime Axiom

Archdomina Makeda's Mammoth

Special guests, Arvin Tan and Zig Naguiat

The Earthbreaker firing off shots to stem off the enemy's advance

Deathclock all around!

Bloody Barnabas' Blackhide Wrastler throws forward to engage the pirates

Bradigus fends off a seemingly endless number of Kriel Warriors

The High Executioner Reznik takes the battle to the Butcher Unleashed

Warlord Taks Arguelles, Champion SJ Quema and Hero Monchu Echevarria
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