Sunday, March 15, 2015

Emperador - Bloody Barnabas vs Tyrant Xerxis

Skorne vs Blindwater Congregation. Photo by Emp Fernando
Dick Sy takes Tyrant Xerxis to match up against Fred Escalona's Bloody Barnabas! Jollibee and Marlboro! Sponsor us!

Cataphract Cetrati advance forward, shield locked together! Photo by Emp Fernando
Gatormen Posse snarl forward, meeting the Skone head on! Photo by Emp Fernando
Bog Trog Ambushers join in the fray! Photo by Emp Fernando
The Praetorian Ferox ambushed! Photo by Emp Fernando
Tiberion slam Wrastler onto Barnabas to knock him down then 3 hits later, Barnabas is down. - Dick Sy

Dick Sy's Tyrant Xerxis victorious over Fred Escalona's Bloody Barnabas via assassination.

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