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WIP Khador Juggernaut Part 1

Here's a Khador Juggernaut that I got from someone. It has been primed black, I am guessing it's with Bosny Flat Black. I'm doing this WIP since it does not only progress me further to having a fully-painted Khador force, not only that it also makes for good content on this blog, but moreover it's for something I feel that's very important.

I did some initial scraping off of the mold lines on the model. It was already assembled when I got him, so I glued him on a 50mm base and glued some sand as initial basework.

One Philippine peso coin for size reference
If you're a Protectorate Zealot or a Cryx Mechanithrall or some other grunt in the WMH game, this is pretty much what you see when you're fighting one

Wednesday; March 4, 2015 at 9:23 PM

For priming, I used my trusty Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2-in-1 airbrush and Vallejo Polyurethane Surface Primer Grey. I did long presses and multi-layer passes with this initial priming on the Juggernaut.

I had to stop with primer-work midway because of a lot of unsightly mold lines. Those need to go.
Mid way with priming, I noticed a lot of the mold lines on the model. I admit I had been tremendously lazy when I first worked on this one. I figured since it's just going to be one of many Juggernauts, and that I do not plan on entering this guy in a painting competition anyway, I didn't bother with the mold lines. Now, it just plain annoys me to see mold lines and I had to stop priming the whole model. So with some hobby knives and files, I did my best to scrape off and/or file off those things.

Mold lines scraped and/or filed. Time to resume priming.
I used a curved file and two different hobby blades to clean the Juggernaut's mold lines. Yeah that's an old toothbrush you see on the image. I used it to brush off residue from the scraping and filing.

Airbrushing the primer on the miniature, the mini looked really nice with the smooth coat of primer on it and no more ugly mold lines.

Preshade 1
Since I planned to paint this Juggernaut white, I decided to use a tried and tested technique used by Gunpla and military model hobbyists called preshading. It just meant airbrushing contrasting lines on the panels of the model. It looks really funky at this stage, but it is a vital step since these will come up as a soft panel shading after it gets covered up with more white. I used my newly purchased Vallejo Model Air NATO Black for the preshading.

Vallejo Model Air White
Airbrushed Vallejo Model Air White on top of everything. It did not come off visibly well in this pic, but it looked good enough live. My main concern was the overall output since one cannot really highlight white.

Playing in the back while painting. Bush is the bomb!
I painted with Youtube in the background. Earlier that day, I was listening to a lot of Bush and I just had to continue it during my hobby session. What kind of tunes do you listen to when you are painting or assembling your miniatures? Hit me up in the comments below!

Fancy footwork! Coloring up the Juggernaut's feet and some parts of its legs before I spray on some color for the ground.
Most of the time, I paint a miniature's base before the model itself. Somehow, painting a model without good basework makes me not want to paint it. Since I planned to airbrush on some brown for this mini's base, it only makes sense to work on painting his feet and legs first. I used Citadel Abaddon Black, Vallejo Model Color Bronze, and Vallejo Model Color Gunmetal Grey with traditional hand brush method on various parts of the Juggernaut's legs and feet, then washed over the bronze parts with P3 Brown Ink.

At this point, I was also wondering how Youtube's autoplay took me from Bush's Comedown to Howie Days' Collide.

At this point, it was already late. I should have rested and picked up the next day, but these old bones were stubborn. Airbrushed Vallejo Model Air Burnt Umber on the base, hitting a lot of this Juggernaut's feet and legs.

Basework paint done. Snow and flock when the whole piece is done.
I hit the model with a hair dryer to speed up the wait time (I invested in a decent hair dryer because I went through three cheap ones already). Drybrushed in layers on top of the base color - P3 Bootstrap Leather, then P3 Moldy Ochre, then P3 Menoth White Highlight. Painted on some more Vallejo Model Color Bronze on the Juggernaut's feet and then splotched on some Citadel Agrax Earthshade on parts of the base. I also touched up some of the white on some of the Juggernaut's armor plates on its legs.

WIP stuff: Black Ivan and a Juggernaut. Rest time, to be continued...
I took some more Vallejo Model Color Bronze and colored up the arm parts that connected its arms to its torso. I also layered on P3 Skorne Red and then P3 Khador Red Base on the shoulder plates. I then finished off with some Citadel Abaddon Black on the shoulder plate trim. I stopped at this point because I have to get to work the next day, so I took a WIP shot of the Juggernaut with the Black Ivan that I am also working on.

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