Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Bunny Baker - Midas vs Tyrant Xerxis

Turn 1: everyone moves up. run, walk, etc. Quote and photo by Kensei Yonzon

50 pt. Bunny Battle between Dick Sy (Xerxis) and myself (Midas) - Kensei Yonzon
Both of us were very rusty. - Dick Sy

The battle from Kensei's side of the table

Everything moves up. I make the mistake of charging the Objective ... since it's only top of the second that wasn't actually legal. that left my RaBos open to retaliation without actually having achieved anything. Quote and photo by Kensei Yonzon
Slaughterhousers get tied up with the cavalry, who at DEF 14 survived the charges. Boneswarms charged Tiberion, Road Hog tried to screen Midas. Quote and photo by Kensei Yonzon
In the end, I conceded as Midas just didn't have any more offensive options and I had angry upset girls at home I needed to run to lol. It was a good learning game ... last time I played Midas was when Gargantuans was released. overall not bad ... I made a mistake with my Feat plan since apparently the beasts can't be forced. my grand plan to wipe out Tiberion and the Gladiator went down the drain. - Kensei Yonzon
This was feat turn and it was all I could do to get some damage in on Tiberion. the dead War Hog actually came close with Calamity and Battle Lust, but the dice weren't very kind today. that was all she wrote. Quote and photo by Kensei Yonzon

The battle from Dick's side of the table

Kensei lines up his boars. 4 units of Farrow Bone grinders, Midas, 2 Boneswarms, 6 lesser warbeast pigs, Road Hog and 2 units of Slaughterhausers. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
PXerxis faces off with Tiberion, Gladiator, Marketh, Rhadeim, 2 units of Cetratii, Ferox, Paingivers and Tyrant Commander. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
Kensei moves up his beasts. Road Hog went to his objective marker. The others position near the house and forest. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
Cetratii move up under Press Forward and Shield Wall to protect my objective marker. Xerxis and the beasts move up the middle to support. Xerxis casts Defense Ward on the Ferox and Fury on Tibs. Rhadeim and Ferox flank to my right. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
Kensei maneuvers his forces some more. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
Rhadeim attacks Kensei's objective marker crushing it. Xerxis feats. Cetratii move up under Overcome and Shield Wall and attacks some pigs. Kills one lesser warbeast. Titans block the way to Xerxis. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
Kensei kills Tyrant Commander and a Ferox. Rhadeim and 2 Ferox weather the storm from the Slaughterhausers. Boneswarms scratch Tiberion. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
Tiberion kills the 2 Boneswarms. Cetratii and Rhadeim take down Road Hog. Ferox kill some more Slaughterhausers. Cetratii hurt the Lesser warbeast's. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
Kensei's turn he kills another Ferox and some Cetratii. He also feats and returns his destroyed warbeasts. Quote and photo by Dick Sy
Afterwards, Xerxis kills some lesser warbeasts, Cetratii some Bonegrinders, kills the returned heavy warbeasts (War Hog and Road Hog). - Dick Sy

Kensei's turn he kills Rhadeim. Unfortunately he only has the Boneswarms to do the heavy lifting while Xerxis still has a relatively healthy Tiberion and an almost dead Gladiator. Cetratii and Xerxis down below were about to start cleaning up the Bonegrinders. At this point, Kensei needed to leave na din and concedes the game.Quote and photo by Dick Sy

50PC Destruction - Skorne's Tyrant Xerxis victorious over the Thornfall Alliance's Midas via tapout.

Kickstarting up weekday games with a lot more free time than the rest of us! The game was held at The Bunny Baker.

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