Sunday, March 22, 2015

Arcanopolis - Warfare Week 12

35PC Kill Box - Goreshade, Lord of Ruin (Goreshade3), vs Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (Thagrosh1)

Photo by Marc Montalbo
Photo by Marc Montalbo

Legion runs everything. Cryx runs everything except Goreshade3. Warlock cast syphon bolt through an arc node against a warspear dealing 3 dmg. Quote and photo by Marc Montalbo

Legion checks for threshold passes with the Carnivean and shredder but fails on the other and it kills a warspear.
Striders actovates and destroys the Bone jack.
Thagrosh moves up and sprays at a rider but fell short and misses.
Carnivean moves up spraying a few mecha thralls killing 2 in the process.
 Quote and photo by Marc Montalbo
Cryx run mecha thralls near Thagrosh and striders then goreshade pops his feat making thagrosh and some striders stationary. Charges with the riders dealing 10 dmg which was pass to a shredder then dealing another 12 which was alao passed to another shredder last atk deals 15 dmg to Thagrosh.
Meck thralls charges the striders thinning them out and brute block the carniveans way.
Quote and photo by Marc Montalbo
Legion activates
Thagrosh shakes off stationary
And kills 3 riders
Carnivean kills a mecha thrall and a brute thrall
Striders try to move up to assassinate Goreshade but was killed in free strike. Quote and photo by Marc Montalbo
Final turn goreshade moves up cast scything touch on the riders, rider's officer cursed Thagrosh and move up to end the game. Quote and photo by Marc Montalbo
  • Goreshade3
  • 2 full unit of bane riders
  • 2 half unit of mechanithralls w/ 1 brute thrall each
  • 2 full unit of necrotech and stitch thralls
  • 1 ripper bonejack

  • Thagrosh
  • 1 full unit warspears w/ ua
  • 1 full unit striders w/ ua
  • 2 shredders
  • 1 sheperd
  • 1 carnivean
  • 2 strider solo

35PC Kill Box - Goreshade, Lord of Ruin, victorious over Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight, via assassination

WARMACHINE Philippines Warfare 2015 update:

Arcanopolis - Week 12. Cryx claims influence over Arcanopolis.
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