Monday, March 16, 2015

WIP Week 11

"decided to prime the remainder of my unpainted piggies with my objectives and flags. this close to completely fully painted for at least one faction!" Quote and photo by Kensei Yonzon
"basecoats in minutes! gonna give the Boneswarms a wash and then maybe a glaze then that's done. after I finish all pigs maybe I'll take a stab at the Convergence next. Game Air + Renegade Krome = speed painted armeh!!!" Quote and photo by Kensei Yonzon
Bagong ligo. Quote and photo by Emp Fernando
One week, 12 figs, ADHD and Multiple distractions. I need to focus more and finish before starting on other stuff. It's so hard to focus with so many models and projects dancing in my head. Need to finish these trolls before they multiply again. Quote and photo by Chicco Quema
Very little progress, played many times with my kids instead of painting. Quote and photo by Don Suratos

Some pics of stuff on their hobby desks, which they posted up on the WMHPH Facebook page.

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