Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reckoning Pilipinas

French WMH player Manuel Rabaglia and his family dropped by for a visit

Manuel, Kim and Kensei

Jon's Convergence vs Jojo's Skorne

Early arrival

Kensei's custom 120mm objective

Reckoning Pilipinas underway!

Fortress head honcho, Mike Ang, scoping out the tables

Cryx vs Khador

Cygnar vs Cygnar

Khador vs Trollbloods

Jon vs Karlo, JM vs Jojo

Kei and Joyce

Manu checking out the Cygnar balikatan

Trollbloods vs Retribution

Kei, SJ, Dick and Chicco

Early evening

Chicco and Zig

Setting up for the next match

More Reckoning action!


Retribution of Scyrah

Zig vs Dick

Retribution vs Retribution

Reckoning Pilipinas 2015
Reckoning Pilipinas held last August 29, 2015! Congratulations to 2015's new WARMACHINE coin bearers: Cygnar's Kei Valentin, Mercenaries' Zig Naguiat, Protectorate's Mike Taroy, Convergence's Jon Lansang, Cryx's Kensei Yonzon, Khador's Chicco Quema and Reckoning Champion, SJ Quema!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

PG shink1m Raids The Lair

I was invited to a currently undisclosed location to get some WMH action going with their gaming group. It goes without saying, I was pretty pleased with their enthusiasm with learning the game. Here are some pics I took on my first visit there:

Circle Orboros Kaya Wildborne

A Circle Druid Wilder and Kaya Wildborne

Some painted Circle Orboros miniatures

Circle Orboros Feral Wawpwolf

Demo game! Protectorate of Menoth vs Khador!

Cautious advance

Time for a serious demo

Khador take ground

Fred and his Blindwater Congregation

Bloody Barnabas for the kill!

The Dark Champion survives!

Woldwrath hits the table

50PC Close Quarters; Vlad Tzepesci, the Dark Champion, victorious over Bloody Barnabas via tapout. Khador establishes a foothold in the lair of the Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Draw Like You've Got A Pair 02

Deneghra by Kensei Yonzon

Discordia WIP by Gino Cobarrubias

Kommander Strakhov WIP by Kim Navarro
Finished pieces by Don Suratos

Monday, August 17, 2015

Draw Like You've Got A Pair

Deneghra WIP by Kensei Yonzon

Major Prime Haley WIP by Don Suratos

Mountain King by Don Suratos

Kommander Strakhov WIP by Kim Navarro

IKRPG Trollkin WIP by Kim Navarro

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Hills for Castle Black

I used half-inch styrofoam, the ones that you can buy from National Bookstore. I used a special styro-cutter tool to shape them into what I needed. I used no utility knife on this project.

Glued on boiled and sifted river sand on the flats of the hills. I decided to let them dry overnight before proceeding to coloring.

I used my Harder & Steenbeck Silverline Evolution airbrush when coloring the hills. I then glued some bushes and grass on scattered parts of the terrain piece, as well as snow crests.

The Greylords direct a Kahdor Khador supply line
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