Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reckoning Pilipinas

French WMH player Manuel Rabaglia and his family dropped by for a visit

Manuel, Kim and Kensei

Jon's Convergence vs Jojo's Skorne

Early arrival

Kensei's custom 120mm objective

Reckoning Pilipinas underway!

Fortress head honcho, Mike Ang, scoping out the tables

Cryx vs Khador

Cygnar vs Cygnar

Khador vs Trollbloods

Jon vs Karlo, JM vs Jojo

Kei and Joyce

Manu checking out the Cygnar balikatan

Trollbloods vs Retribution

Kei, SJ, Dick and Chicco

Early evening

Chicco and Zig

Setting up for the next match

More Reckoning action!


Retribution of Scyrah

Zig vs Dick

Retribution vs Retribution

Reckoning Pilipinas 2015
Reckoning Pilipinas held last August 29, 2015! Congratulations to 2015's new WARMACHINE coin bearers: Cygnar's Kei Valentin, Mercenaries' Zig Naguiat, Protectorate's Mike Taroy, Convergence's Jon Lansang, Cryx's Kensei Yonzon, Khador's Chicco Quema and Reckoning Champion, SJ Quema!
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