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Castle Black - Karchev The Terrible vs Kommander Strakhov

Kommander Strakhov vs Karchev the Terrible

So it's one of those days where the whole crew got to game this weekend and I didn't. They got to go do the Demo Day at Hobbyland, while I was stuck at home because of a personal medical condition. I was figuring out what kind of Solitairemachine game to do, then I remembered the current storyline, where Strakhov rescued Karchev from the Cephalyx tunnels. So that was that - it'll be Strakhov vs Karchev!

Karchev the Terrible's battlegroup included the Behemoth, Beast-09 and a Devastator. The rest of the force is comprised of the Great Bears of Gallowswood, a unit of Greylord Ternion, Yuri the Axe and two Manhunters. For Mercenaries, Karchev the Terrible retained the services of Eiryss, Angel of Retribution; Sylys Wyshnalyrr , the Seeker; and a Goblin Tinker.

Kommander Strakhov's battlegroup included a Conquest and a Spriggan. The rest of his force is made up of two units of Doom Reavers, a Gun Carriage battle engine and a War Dog. For Mercenaries, Kommander Strakhov hired Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios; and Master Gunner Dougal Macnaile.

50PC Recon

The battlefield

Karchev the Terrible's deployment

Kommander Strakhov's deployment

Yuri the Axe leading the vanguard of Karchev the Terrible's force

A Conquest and Gun Carriage stand beside Kommander Strakov's line

Karchev the Terrible - Turn 1

Karchev the Terrible allocates one focus to the Devastator

The Greylord Ternion advance up field and cast Blizzard on the two Manhunters and Yuri the Axe

Yuri the Axe and the two Manhunters cautiously advance up the board, the Blizzard clouds blocking line of sight to the warjacks stomping up behind them

Karchev uses his Arcantrik Turbine for extra movement, casts Tow, and advances up behind the Greylord clouds. The Behemoth and the Devastator are placed alongside him via Tow.

The Behemoth advances, and takes a shot a unit of Doom Reavers. The shot was too wide, caught Master Gunner Dougal Macnaile in a blast, but failed to harm him.

The Behemoth's second Bombard drifted and dropped half of the Doom Reaver unit.

The rest of Karchev's battlegroup advances on the right side of the Blizzard clouds

Kommander Strakhov - Turn 1

Kommander Strakhov views the incoming enemy force

Kommander Strakhov allocates one focus on the Spriggan

The Conquest advanced forward and aimed its Main Guns at the centrally located Manhunter. The shot was short and exploded harmlessly at the center of the battlefield. The Conquest also laid down Creeping Barrage in front of the Manhunters and Yuri the Axe.

Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, wanted to shut down the Behemoth with a Disruptor Bolt, but was short

The Doom Reavers cautiously advanced behind the Conquest's Creeping Barrage

The Gun Carriage rumbled up the field

Kommander Strakhov cast Superiority on the Spriggan, cast Sentry on the Conquest, and took position on top of the hill

Master Gunner Dougal Macnaile advances up the field

Karchev the Terrible - Turn 2 

Yuri the Axe skirted up and around the Conquest's Creeping Barrage and used Thresher with his Great Axe to eliminate two Doom Reavers

The Great Bears of Gallowswood charge the Gun Carriage, but fail to wreck it

One Manhunter charged through the Creeping Barrage, took one damage, and smashes the Gun Carriage to the ground

The other Manhunter runs up and engages Master Gunner Dougal Macnaile, and contesting a flag

The Behemoth advances up and takes a shot at Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios. Since she has Stealth, the shot drifted over Master Gunner Dougal Macnaile and caused one damage to the privateer.

The Behemoth's second shot also drifted off because of her Stealth, but not too far. Caught in the blast, she took two damage from the warjack's Bombard.

With Tow upkept and his Arcantrik Turbine used for extra movement, Karchev the Terrible advanced up, placing Beast-09 and the Devastator with him.

With Sentry, the Conquest fired off its Main Guns, but was utterly ineffective against the enemy's high armor

Karchev the Terrible cast Unearthly Rage

After casting Unearthly Rage, Karchev the Terrible called up Total War

With Total War, Beast-09 charges through the Creeping Barrage at the enemy Spriggan! Using Thresher with its Ice Axe, the warjack slays three of the four nearby Doom Reavers.

Beast-09 got an amazing roll for damage on the Spriggan! 

The Devastator advances up the field, the enemy Creeping Barrage not even scratching its armor

The Greylord Ternion advanced up behind the Devastator, getting advantageous angles for their Frostbite spells

Casting Frostbite at their own Devastator, the spray kills a Doom Reaver

The other Frostbite slays another Doom Reaver

The remaining Greylord casted Blizzard on Karchev the Terrible

Syslys Wyshnalyrr and the Goblin Tinker advance up as well

Kommander Strakhov - Turn 2

Kommander Strakhov upkeeps Superiority and allocates two focus on the Spriggan 

Master Gunner Dougal Macnaile used Double Powder Ration on Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, and sliced at the Manhunter with his Cutlass, causing two damage

Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, took aim, and shot the Behemoth with her Disruptor Bolt. 

With Double Powder Ration, the Iosan's ranged atatck reached the enemy warjack

Kommander Strakhov steps down the hill and casted Battering Ram on the enemy Beast-09, successfully pushing the warjack away

With his Riot Gun, the Khador warcaster brings down Yuri the Axe

Kommander Strakhov then calls up Iron Fist

With Iron Fist up and Beast-09 not engaging it, the Superiority Spriggan charges Karchev the Terrible!

The Spriggan's War Lance deals considerable damage to the Man In The Machine!

The Doom Reavers delcare a charge on Karchev the Terrible!

With Iron Fist, the two Doom Reavers succeed their charge!

The first Doom Reaver's Fellblade was more than enough to bring down the enemy warcaster!

Kommander Strakhov victorious!
50PC Recon, Kommander Strakhov victorious over Karchev the Terrible via casterkill on feat turn with Superiority Spriggan and two Doom Reavers!

Thanks for reading and in advance for the +1! For any comments and questions, please feel free to do so on the Comments section of this post. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

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