Sunday, August 09, 2015

10 Years Of WMH Philippines

Happy 10th anniversary, WARMACHINE/HORDES PHILIPPINES! Yes, our humble little community has been breaking warbeast face and smashing warjack hull for a decade already! From the humble roots of playing with bricks as terrain in the UPFA hangar, to the tables of Pitshop, Fortress, Hobby Haven and RHGC Bunker, across the shores to Critical Hit and Arcanopolis, and to the amazing future of WMH across the universe!

We're celebrating the month with more games at the Appraisery, Fire Sword, MB&B, the Demo Day 2015 at Hobbyland and the Reckoning Pilipinas event!

So to all WMH players, old and new alike, and even more new blood to come, I raise my glass of ice-cold Coke in hearty cheer! PLAY LIKE YOU'VE GOT A PAIR!

I forgot where this was taken, but yeah, the WMHPH were featured in a No Quarter issue way back in the day
(Yes, we're that old since Hordes wasn't even around back then LOL)
Reckoning Pilipinas event for WMH Philippines

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