Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Castle Black - The Old Witch Of Khador vs Pirate Queen Skarre

The cawing of the numerous crows was maddening as they circled Zevanna Agha's hut. While directing the construction of a Necrofactorium Spire in Castle Black, Pirate Queen Skarre was called to battle not only as the old hut's mechanikal legs came to a stop beyond some snow-crested hills, but with the trembling of the earth as Khador brought one of its colossals to bear.

Since it's the 10th anniversary of WMH Philippines, I'll be hosting Reckoning Pilipinas on the last Saturday of the month. I figured I'll try playtesting several things at once - try out the Demolition Run Reckoning scenario, try out the Old Witch's Invisible Army theme list, and try out Skarre1 and whatever Cryx models I have at home; plus I get to try out the new hills I made for my table.

The Old Witch of Khador's battlegroup consisted of the Scrapjack, a Conquest and a Kodiak. The rest of her force comprised of Yuri the Axe, a Manhunter, a Widowmaker Marksman, a unit of Widowmakers, two units of Greylord Ternion, and a minimum unit and a maximum unit of Kossite Woodmen.

Pirate Queen Skarre's battlegroup is made up of a Slayer and two Deathrippers. The Cryx force consisted of the Withershadow Combine, Bane Lord Tartarus, two Pistol Wraiths, a Skarlock Thrall, a minimum unit of Bile Thralls and a maximum unit of Bane Thralls. For additional support, Pirate Queen Skarre hired an Ogrun Bokur, and Greygore Boomhowler & Co.

Pirate Queen Skarre's deployment

The Old Witch of Khador's Invisible Army deployment

Cryx vs Khador

Pirate Queen Skarre - Turn 1

Pirate Queen Skarre allocated one focus to each of her warjacks

Greygore Boomhowler & Co. run up the battlefield with Call of Defiance

One Pistol Wraith advanced up into the tree line

Cryxian warjacks run up the battlefield

The Skarlock Thrall moved up and cast Ritual Sacrifice
The rest of the Cryxian force advance up along with their warcaster

The Old Witch of Khador - Turn 1

The Old Witch of Khador allocated one focus to the Scrapjack and the Conquest. With Invisible Army, she started with Iron Flesh on herself, Avatar of Slaughter on the Scrapjack and Weald Secrets on one of the Greylord Ternion.

The Widowmakers and Widowmaker Marksman make quick work on the Bile Thralls and back track to safety with Swift Hunter

The Scrapjack runs forward and takes the center of the battlefield

The Old Witch of Khador casted Unseen Path and placed herself aggressively in front of the Scrapjack

The Khador warcaster cast Murder of Crows in front of her. With Prowl, she gained Stealth while being in the AOE. She then called up Field of Talons.

Yuri the Axe and the Manhunter run up the field

The rest of the Khadoran force advance up to provide support

Pirate Queen Skarre - Turn 2

With Ritual Sacrifice, Pirate Queen Skarre gained an additional two focus. She allocated three focus to the Slayer.

Maelovus and Admonia of the Withershadow Combine advanced outside the area of the Old Witch of Khador's Field of Talons

Tremulus stayed behind, hoping to cast Puppet Master on the Slayer, but suffered mortal damage from the Old Witch of Khador's feat

Bane Lord Tartarus advanced closer to the Old Witch of Khador, taking damage from the Field of Talons

Pirate Queen Skarre advanced through the Field of Talons unharmed because of her overboosted armor. With four focus, she casted Dark Guidance.

The Cryxian warcaster called up Blood Magic, inflicting five damage on herself but increasing the strength and armor of Cryxian models in her control area. Pirate Queen Skarre then used boosted damage Sacrificial Strike, targeting the Old Witch of Khador and using Bane Lord Tartarus to power it.

Pirate Queen Skarre's Sacrificial Strike did fourteen damage to the Khadoran warcaster. It was here that I realized that it was an illegal move, since Bane Lord Tartarus is not a trooper but a solo.

The Slayer advanced towards the Old Witch of Khador, taking some damage from the Field of Talons

With its initial attacks under Dark Guidance, even her high defense from Iron Flesh was not enough to save the Khadoran warcaster

With Dark Guidance and Blood magic powering its Death Claws, the Cryxian helljack brings down the Old Witch of Khador

Pirate Queen Skarre stands victorious
50PC Demolition Run; Pirate Queen Skarre victorious over the Old Witch of Khador, via casterkill from Blood Magic and Dark Guidance Slayer

"The ancient one has fallen," the Kossite Woodsmen kept their voices hushed as they were yet unseen by their foes. The Cryxian helljack raised its wicked claws, Skarre's dire blood magic and guidance swirling about the Slayer's black hull, ready to rip apart the Old Witch of Khador. 

"We must rescue the ancient one!" the woodsmen were about to spring forward, but large talons of rock erupted from the earth, impeding their advance. Through the swirling mass of crows, Zevanna Agha glared at her countrymen. 

"Ancient one." Their whispers were filled with awe. The entire battlefield now thick with crows, Wraithlock pistol and bile cannon shots muffled by the cawing of thousands of black birds. Yuri the Axe roughly picked up Zevanna, and signaled their retreat.

Thanks for reading and in advance for the +1! For any comments and questions, please feel free to do so on the Comments section of this post. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!
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