Saturday, August 22, 2015

PG shink1m Raids The Lair

I was invited to a currently undisclosed location to get some WMH action going with their gaming group. It goes without saying, I was pretty pleased with their enthusiasm with learning the game. Here are some pics I took on my first visit there:

Circle Orboros Kaya Wildborne

A Circle Druid Wilder and Kaya Wildborne

Some painted Circle Orboros miniatures

Circle Orboros Feral Wawpwolf

Demo game! Protectorate of Menoth vs Khador!

Cautious advance

Time for a serious demo

Khador take ground

Fred and his Blindwater Congregation

Bloody Barnabas for the kill!

The Dark Champion survives!

Woldwrath hits the table

50PC Close Quarters; Vlad Tzepesci, the Dark Champion, victorious over Bloody Barnabas via tapout. Khador establishes a foothold in the lair of the Brotherhood of the Wolf.
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