Friday, March 06, 2015

Donate Or Paint - WMH Philippines

Yeah, the Khador Juggernaut that I have been painting is for Chain Attack's Donate Or Paint Challenge. Learn more about their Donate Or Paint on the video they posted on Youtube a while back:

Here's a WIP progress blog entry of the Juggernaut; and here's the finished paint job:

Donate Or Paint entry. Hope you get better, man.
Calling out fellow Press Ganger, Dan Tesoro; and good buddies Garrick Lee and Chicco Quema, take on the Donate Or Paint challenge! Since it's Chain Attack, I believe you need to paint a Warmachine or Hordes model for this challenge in 72 hours. When you're done, post up a pic or video up on social media with #donateorpaint and call out three other guys

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