Sunday, March 15, 2015

Emperador - Archdomina Makeda vs Tyrant Xerxis

Skorne balikatan exercises! Photo by Emp Fernando
Emp Fernando and Dick Sy, both excellent Skorne players, took to the table with Archdomina Makeda and Tyrant Xerxis, in a military field match.

Tyrant Xerxis' Cataphract Cetrati advance through the ruins. Photo by Emp Fernando
Tiberion stomps towards the Mammoth! Photo by Emp Fernando
Archdomina Makeda's Praetorian Karax Cataphract Cetrati charge into Tyrant Xerxis' Cataphract Cetrati. Photo by Emp Fernando
Tiberion eats mammoth. Makeda congratulates Xerxis. Hehehe. Quote and photo by Emp Fernando
Dick Sy's Tyrant Xerxis victorious over Emp Fernando's Archdomina Makeda via tapout.

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