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Critical Hit - Void Seer Mordikaar vs Grand Exemplar Kreoss (Kreoss2)

35PC Close Quarters - Void Seer Mordikaar vs Grand Exemplar Kreoss' Crusaders of Sul (Tier 4)

Photo by Stanley Chua
Photo by Stanley Chua
Mordikaar is pretty tool-boxy. I'm glad to see him on the table so we'll see how this goes. -Stanley Chua

Deployment. Photo by Stanley Chua
Johann cautiously moves up. He casts Paralytic Aura and Hollow on a unit. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
Ace advances. Some Errants kill a couple of Praetorian is pretty aggressive up the field. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
Skorne get the first strike in killing a few front line Menoth Knights and Errants but doesn't get enough into a threatening position. Void Spirts are hard flanking along both edges of the board. Mordikaar Feats. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
Kreoss advances and counter feats. He shoots of Hollow and proceeds to pick apart the Skorne army. As you can see from the picture above, there isn't much left. I think the Nihilators are almost untouched at the top of the screen, but there is a Fire of Salvation in Mordikaar's face. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
The Krea slams the Fire of Salvation but does minimal damage. Mordikaar clears out what he can on his left flank but turns and "runs" the other direction. The Nihilators tries to clear out the center and the right side with some success. But is it enough to swing the momentum? Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
Johann Louie Ong Got rid of 90% of the small based errants. Bastions left standing with Fire of Salvation. Used the vengeance move and charged Mordikaar for the win.
Stanley Chua whoa... jumping the gun there Johann. I was building suspense.
Johann Louie Ong Almost one sided match for Mordikaar due to purification effects and anti-feat. Still wiped most of the errants so I'm good. Will need to change beasts (experimented with ranged light war beasts)
Thought you left after that last pic LOL
Monchu Echevarría Mordi has a hard time against purification casters, but casting hollow to bait purification every turn can set up an essence blast assassination.
Stanley Chua Thoughts on the game. It was a bit of an uphill battle for Skorne in this one. Skorne should have feated second and bank on the counter punch. The Cetratii should be the second wave anchor rather than flanking like they were. I won't say that this wasn't winable, Johann was out of practice. So there's that.
@ Monchu The assassination was on the table. Turn 3, Johann could have cast Ghostly to free the Cetratii and shoot Kreoss with the a boosted Essence Blast then use the flanking Void Spirts to kill off Kreoss.
Monchu Echevarría That would have been nice. Mordi isn't the most conventional of Skorne 'locks to play, but it always pays to master him, as he's the best anti-Cryx drop they have.
Stanley Chua Ghost walk costs 3. Same for essence blast and revive. Void spirits were outside of charge range. I was hoping for revive in Cetratii and charge in Kreoss but he blocked it with his other Bastions
Johann Louie Ong Better than eHexy? I guess if you build Mordikaar for it, but I think eSexy has better tools. you know what... I'm thinking they were soulwards.
Monchu Echevarría eHexy is a trap. Looks good in paper but falls flat in practice, unless you specifically build for Cryx by spamming Drakes. I can't maximize his beast bond as 8 inches is too limiting. Mordi makes his tarpits undead, so they can go toe-to-toe with Cryx infantry. He also denies magic a lot with banishing ward, and is the best warlock to field Cetrati with Vorkesh
Kensei Yonzon very nice. I could get used to vicarious play lol

35PC Close Quarters - Grand Exemplar Kreoss victorious over Void Seer Mordikaar. Skorne gains +1 influence in Critical Hit. The Protectorate of Menoth gains +2 influence and is still dominating Critical Hit.

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