Monday, March 23, 2015

Critical Hit - Warfare Week 12 Part 3

50PC Close Quarters - Iron Mother Directrix vs Kromac the Ravenous

Photo by Arsenio Rafael IV
This is a late game played over at Critical Hit Iloilo between Convergence of Cyriss and Circle Orboros!

1st Turn: Everybody runs forward. Prime Axiom heads to the flag while Obstructors and Reciprocators head off center near the forests. Circle starts with everybody also running forward, with Skin Walkers heading into the forest and Ravagers taking the center. Stones teleport near the flags. Quote and photo by Arsenio Rafael IV
COC 2nd Turn: Servitors move up and shoot the Ravagers and Skin Walkers. Prime Axiom camps base to base with the flag and proceeds to shoot Ravagers, dealing some damage but not enough to kill. Obstructors charge the stones kill one in each unit and the others move up to block the Skinwalkers advance. Quote and photo by Arsenio Rafael IV
COC 3rd Turn: Iron Mother feats, and moves to one side away from the battle in the middle, while her servitors shoot Imperil beams to the Ravagers and Stones. Prime Axiom demolishes the stones, and drags a couple of Ravagers to meet their maker. Foundries spew out 6 obstructors, covering the advance of the Circle in the forest. Quote and photo by Arsenio Rafael IV
COC 4th Turn: Iron moves up and cast Tactical Supremacy. Prime Axiom hovers towards Ghetorix,aligns his harpoon, shoots, drags, and pummels the poor beast to near death.The last foundry spews a single Reciprocator to help out its beleaguered unit. Using tactical supremacy, the Iron Mother camps at the flag, and gains 1 point.

Circle 4th Turn: Ghetorix hits axiom, dealing negligible damage. Stalker kills another Reciprocator. Skinwalkers move up. Kromac sets his axe on the flag.

Quote and photo by Arsenio Rafael IV
Note: We forgot to take pictures as the higher power (the wife) is looking for me lol.

5th COC: Foundry lets out another Reciprocator, and they proceed to kill the Witch Doctor. Assimilator has now a direct line of sight to Kromac, charges and hits for 14. Kromac transfers to the Stalker. Prime Axiom kills Ghetorix. 1 more point to COC

5th Circle: Kromax attacks the Assimilator, kills it by feating. Skinwalkers charge the Axiom, dealing some damage. Stalker kills another Reciprocator. 1 point to COC and 1 point to Circle

6th COC: Prime Axiom kills some more Skinwalkers. The last single Reciprocator kills the last Ravager. Iron Mother moves to the other side of the flag. End turn at 4 points COC and 2 points Circle.

6th Circle: With a chance to contest, Stalker cast his animus "Sprint", charges and kills the last foundry, moves up to the flag, and missed to contest by 1 inch.

Win by points 5-3, Convergence. Quote and photo by Arsenio Rafael IV
50PC Close Quarters - Iron Mother Directrix victorious over Kromac the Ravenous via tapout.

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