Sunday, March 29, 2015

Critical Hit - The Harbinger of Menoth vs Tyrant Xerxis' Fist of Halaak (Tier 2)

Photos and original post by Johann Louie Ong. Edited by Kim Navarro.

Today's game at Critical Hit: 35PC Harbinger of Menoth vs Tyrant Xerxis' Fist of Halaak Tier 2

Both lists were hardly optimal due to lack of models, but we gave it a go anyways. We also found out that the Incursion flags don't disappear anymore. Nifty. 

With that in mind, I wanted to control the center and left flag with my Cetratii while my Arcuarii would threaten the rightmost flag. Incendiarii split up in the middle to spray fire and death on all.

Turn One - Protectorate of Menoth 

I went first and just ran my forces forward. The Harbinger of Menoth used her feat, Godhead, to prevent my his forces from going forward. Tyrant Xerxis did some shenanigans with Martial Prowess, supported by the Tyrant Commander; essentially bricking up near a forest. Cataphract Arcuarii and Incendiarii went for the right flank.

Turn Two - Protectorate of Menoth 

Exemplar Bastions occupied both flags on left and right. Protectorate warjacks went for the center flag.

Turn Two - Skorne

Molik Karn got shot for medium damage thanks to the two ranged warjacks. Tyrant Xerxis had to heal spirit. The Skorne warlock upkept Defender's Ward on the Shield Wall Cetratii, who advanced and whacked some Exemplar Bastions. Cataphract Incendiarii placed flames everywhere, even to some unlucky Choir of Menoth grunt.

On the right flank, Cataphract Arcuarii did a combined ranged attack and dragged the only Exemplar Bastion touching the flag to his doom. This prevented the Protectorate from scoring that round.

Protectorate  warjacks and Exemplar Bastions got rid of four Cataphract Cetratii, thanks to the Harbinger of Menoth casting Purification which removed fire and the Defender's Ward. Ouch! I think Molik Karn died too lol.

This enrages the Tyrant Xerxis. He reaves all fury from the dead Molik Karn and proceeds to feat and walks (not charge) to the Exemplar Bastions. Wiping all but one with Overtake but leaving himself open to a nearby Protectorate warjack. Cataphract Arcuarii attempt a miracle shot CRA at Harbinger. I need a 10 to hit. I roll 3. Awesome.

End game. Xerxis eats smoking mace to the face.

35PC The Harbinger of Menoth victorious over Tyrant Xerxis (Xerxis1) via assassination. Skorne gains +1 influence in Critical Hit. The Protectorate of Menoth gains +2 influence and is still domination Critical Hit.

Thanks for reading and in advance for the +1! For any comments and questions, please feel free to post on the Comments section of this post. Photos and original post by Johann Louie Ong. Edited by Kim Navarro.

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