Sunday, March 08, 2015

Hobby Haven - Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Prince of Umbrey, vs Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane

Total wreckage! Photo by Chicco Quema
Big Blue versus Big Red! Cygnar and Khador throwdown with Louie de Guzman's Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane and my Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Prince of Umbrey! We bring you two battle reports this week from Hobby Haven (and maybe another one if Chicco got pics of the Trollbloods vs Blindwater Congregation game).

Khador's Conquest crashes into Cygnar's Stormwall! Photo by Chicco Quema
Swords, axes and bullets! Photo by Chicco Quema
Cygnar Rangers taking measure of the battlefield. Photo by Chicco Quema
Sword Knights hold the line against Khadoran infantry! Photo by Chicco Quema
The Dark Prince. Photo by Chicco Quema
Forward! Photo by Chicco Quema
The Widowmaker Marksman taking steady aim in the background. Photo by Chicco Quema
The Cygnar Stormwall fired up the Khador Conquest with its Big Guns, but the heavy metal on the colossal proved too strong to yield that easily. Widowmakers cover a lot of ground with their Hunting Rifles, dissuading the Cygnar Sword Knights from carelessly advancing up the open field.

Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Prince of Umbrey, was well aware of the ranged threat posed by the Cygnaran warcaster, and was cautiously skirting along the kill box while viewing the battle. The Khadoran warcaster charged up the Conquest with focus and used Signs & Portents and Forced March. With a loud groan of metal and a violent rush of steam, the Conquest charged the Stormwall. Khador steel fists smashed into the Cygnaran colossal, blue and white armor flying with each hit. As the Conquest lowered its fists, the Stormwall was still standing!

The Widowmaker Marksman flung his cigar away as he took aim at the Cygnaran colossal with his Vanar Liberator. With a loud crack, arcane energies propelled the Khadoran's shot and splintered through the thick armor of the Stormwall. The light in the Stormwall's optical receptors dimmed as the Cygnar giant grinded into a halt.

Winterguard Infantry affected by Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich's Courage Of The Forefathers recklessly ran up to engage the Cygnaran warcaster. Rushing foward through Khadoran soldiers, Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane miscalculated his opportunity to bring down his enemy.  Using Breach, the Cygnaran major hoped that Lieutenant Allison Jakes' Triumph would be enough to vanquish the Dark Prince. Triumph advanced, took aim, and let loose with his Heavy Barrel. Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Prince of Umbrey, staggered as the shot hit home. The smoke cleared, and a vicious grin crossed the Khadoran's chiseled face.

Vlad1 survives the shot, and Louie promptly taps out.

50PC Destruction: Khador's Vladimir Tzepesci, Dark Prince of Umbrey, victorious over Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane via tapout.

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