Thursday, March 26, 2015

Critical Hit - Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight (Lylyth2), vs Grand Exemplar Kreoss (Kreoss2)

35PC Close Quarters - Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight, vs Grand Exemplar Kreoss' Crusaders of Sul (Tier 4)

Deployment - Legion of Everblight. Photo by Stanley Chua
Deployment - Protectorate of Menoth. Photo by Stanley Chua
So. I'm playing my 35 pt. Lylyth2 and I'm looking across the field and there's about 36+ models. I have 8. - Stanley Chua

Menoth advance move and Legion Deployment. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
I do some calculations in my head and between his advance move and extended deployment, I believe that I can hit the advance deploy units. So I decide to feat and thin out the masses. I kill about half the Errants and Knights. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
Ace runs up the field as quickly as he can but he doesn't engage. Stanley Chua I do have the Fire of Salvation in my face. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
This is where things so awry. My Deathstalker missed his first shot against the Knight Exemplar. Lylyth misses his Pin Cushion on the other unit of Knights Exemplar and Zuriel leaves the Fire of Salvation with 3 boxes. In order to keep my Ravagores out of melee I move up my Bolt Thrower and shoot him in the back blocking charge lanes and not lose on Scenario. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
Kreoss feats and I lose Zuriel and the Deathstalker which was expected. Ace starts to surround my flag. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
Ace charges my Ravagores but does minimal damage. The Errants to kill the contesting Sheppard. The rest of the Bastions contest the flag that Lylyth is dominating. Kreoss is dominating the flag on a 6 camp with Inviolable Resolved sitting at a pretty 24 ARM. I advance Lylyth around the Bastions and hit a Pin Cushion, but her mightly POW 12 bow can only do 6 points. Not enough to finish him off. Kreoss wins on Scenario. Quote and photo by Stanley Chua
Thoughts on the game. This would have been a different game had I not fallen short turn 2. But I did still make a game of it and salvaged as much as I could. But alas. It wasn't enough. -Stanley Chua

50PC Close Quarters - Grand Exemplar Kreoss victorious over Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight. The Legion of Everblight gains +1 influence in Critical Hit. The Protectorate of Menoth gains +2 influence and is still dominating Critical Hit.

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