Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Summer Conquest at Arcanopolis

Summer Conquest tourney (@Arcanopolis) round 1: pMakeda vs Bearka!

Photo by Johann Louie Ong

Photo by Johann Louie Ong

Edward Fernando Woooo SKORNE!!!
Johann Louie Ong Basically Skorne said "This is Sparta" on the zone. Win by scenario.
Dick Sy Woman Skorned!!!
Johann Louie Ong Second round was vs Grayl tier list. Crazy Reeves were in the friggin middle of the zone turn 2! Scored 2 points by clearing everything in the zone and won by caster kill (Grayl failed to kill Molik)

Third round vs Constance Blayze. Won via scenario. (Scored 2 points then destroyed enemy objective the next turn). Kept the kids off my lawn.

Photo by Matt Jester Montalbo
Photo by Matt Jester Montalbo

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