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WARMACHINE at The Appraisery

We had an informal tournament at The Appraisery last Saturday. Since we only had one 4×4 table free, we had to improvise on our format. We paired up, then winners would be matched up to vie for 1st and 2nd place, then the first round losers would fight for 3rd and 4th.

It was a 35PC tournament using Steam Roller 2015. The missions were Incoming (Round 1) and Two Fronts (Round 2)

Game 1 Menoth (Ayo) vs Cryx (Brian)

The bane host of Cryx advanced under the protection of Caustic Mist. The difficult forest terrain posed no challenge to the ghostly legion.

The Menoth crusade advanced and took position, preparing to take advantage of a nearby Fuel Cache. The Vanquishers took a hill to provide the crusade with ample range support.

Asphyxious’ host continued moving under the dread mist. Bone jacks  advanced and spread out, searching for vicious attack vectors for Cryxian spells.

The forces of Menoth reorganized their firing lines in response to the Cryxian envelopment and began spreading buffs. Long range Vanquisher fire purified several Bane Knights.

A Cryxian bonejack advanced into the teeth of the Menite lines and arced foul spells. Severius is protected by his Sacred Ward but a Choir member fell to the magical onslaught. Asphyxious  then moved to his left flank to prepare for one domination. The rest of the bane host began threatening Menite holy ground.

Seeing the lichcaster isolated, Severius compeled his jacks to push forward. The Hymn of Battle empowered their guns, while the Eye of Menoth guided the focus-charged Vanquishers and Reckoners with their task. In conjunction with the forced assistance by a pair of Vassals, the forest explodes as blessed guns blasts Asphyxious back to the afterlife.

Game 2 Menoth (Hesed) vs Retribution (Karlo)

The Retribution of Scyrah advanced and spread out. Stormfall Archers took command of a hill and readied harassment fire for the impending Menite advance. Vyros positioned his Manticore on his left flank, while Imperatus and the bulk of Iosian infantry advanced towards their friendly zone.

The Harbinger and her chosen champions moved in to meet the Iosian incursion. The Avatar supported Eiryss and Nicia in their approach on the Retribution flank.

The Stormfall Archers loosed their arrows but failed to cause any damage. The Manticore moved in and prepared to hold the line against the Avatar and the assassins. Vyros led the bulk of the force into securing the Iosian zone, using Imperatus as an anchor.

A pair of light jacks moved in to face Imperatus and the line infantry. The Harbinger and her Paladins pushed towards the friendly zone. She then arced a spell to Imperatus, cursing the myrmidon with fear of the God, Menoth. Eiryss disrupted the Manticore as Nicia prepared to eviscerate the Stormfall archers next turn. The Avatar held and positioned itself to either deal with the Manticore or Imperatus, waiting on which would strike first. A Crusader moved in support of the Paladins who are securing the zone

Vyros commanded Imperatus to charge the Revenger. No amount of Repelling could stop the sidestepping heavy myrmidon from pulverizing the Menite jack. As a dread symbol of Iosian power, Imperatus continued its focus-fuelled assault and cleaved the nearby Repenter. The Manticore, though a bit dazed, put out covering fire in an attempt to dissuade Nicia from coming closer. The line infantry consolidated towards their own zone.

In an unprecedented act of foolhardy bravery, Nicia ran through the covering fire template to end the threat of the Stormfall Archers. Unfortunately, Menoth’s protection was not enough and a bloody Nicia emerged from the fusillade only to die at the feet of the bowmen. The Crusader advanced to be in position to charge the Bunker next turn. The Avatar charged and ripped through the Manticore. Surprisingly, the myrmidon still stood. The Harbinger and her escorts moved in to support the assault next turn.

The Manticore fought back but was unable to do much against the toughness of the Avatar. The Iosian infantry reorganized their lines, and with support from the Stormfall Archers, and ripped off the Crusader’s arm. The very mobile Imperatus then moved through the forest, finished off the Crusader, and Sidestepped into the Menite zone.

The sudden appearance of Imperatus startled Eiryss who vaulted backward, only to succumb to the disgusting presence of the ugly technological creation that is the Avatar. Vilmon and his brother charged Imperatus and valiantly mauled it. The Harbinger charged in and destroyed Imperatus… only to see the myrmidon erupt in a burst of Iosian magic  as it initialized its Phoenix Protocols. Imperatus stood above the flames and prepared to tear down the servants of the Wall.

Imperatus destroyed the Paladins and turned to face the Harbinger, so petrified with fear that she failed to martyr herself for her loyal servants.

The god sight of the Harbinger allowed her to see that the Retribution of Scyrah had control of the field. The Dawnlord claimed the territory as the remains of the crusade fell back to safer havens.

Game 3 Menoth (Hesed) vs Cryx (Brian)
Two Fronts

The battered forces of the Harbinger chanced upon the newly risen Asphyxious. She compelled her forces forward.

Asphyxious, hungry to reap the soul of the symbol of Menite faith, pushed his bane thralls and knights under the cover of Caustic Mist.

The Menoth force continued their push and prepared to dominate the friendly zone. The assassins snuck in as Eiryss disrupted a nearby bonejack.

In a diabolic display of undead synchronicity, a war witch siren removed the disruption from the bonejack, and gave it focus. The now-able bonejack charged Eiryss and ripped her apart with its mandible. Asphyxious advanced to better watch the approach of the Harbinger. The rest of the Cryxian forces continued their ghostly march.

Nicia erupted from the shadows and assassinated the war witch siren. She continued to sneak deeper into Cryxian territories. Menite light jacks moved in and secured the zone, while a Crusader engaged a pistol wraith that has snuck past the front lines. The Avatar engaged the bane thralls and proceeded about purging their corrupted existence from Caen. The Paladin and Vilmon charged the bonejack in the zone and damaged it severely. The Harbinger moved in and dominated the area. She then erupted in a burst of holy light, as the Avatar fixed the Bane Thralls with the judging Gaze of Menoth.

The forces of Cryx found their advance stalled by Godhead and the Avatar’s Gaze. Asphyxious teleported to the forest, making sure not to get clipped by the Harbinger’s power. The bane host then reorganized their battle lines, preparing to face the embodiment of Menoth’s judgement.

The Avatar charged and decimated the Cryxian forces. Vilmon and the Paladin finally destroyed the bonejack, allowing the Harbinger more control of the advance.

The dastardly lichlord unleashed his spectral legion, swamping the field with bane knights and thralls. He then teleported away and casted caustic mist to cover his escape. The legion destroyed the Avatar and Nicia, who finally got bead on Asphyxious’ back side.

In a bid to prevent the Bane Thralls from advancing, the Paladin charged and destroyed one of the foul beasts. Vilmon and the Harbinger destroyed the Cryxian objective and dominated the field for Menoth!

Game 4 Menoth (Ayo) vs Retribution (Karlo)
Two Fronts

Vyros encountered another Menite crusade. He pushed his troops hard to be sure of clearing the killbox.

Severius prepared to dominate the Menite sacred ground for the next turn. The air was thick with incense and Menite prayers. The jacks advanced in a wide line formation to face the looming threat of Imperatus.

Vyros cleared the killbox and moved behind his Archers. A Manticore flanked him while Imperatus took position in the extreme right flank and watched over the Iosian advance like a Hallowed Avenger. The Stormfall Archers sniped and killed a choir member. The line infantry advanced in good order.

Vanquishers, in synchronicity with the chants of the choir, launched incendiary munitions at the Retribution lines. The eruption of violence however empowered Imperatus, and it charged vengefully through the Menite lines, reaching the support section. Seeing the monstrous threat that just penetrated their lines, the Vassals and the Reckoners attempted to end the battle by blasting the enemy war caster.

A bloodied Vyros emerged from the fusillade. Seeing his rival alive and his personal myrmidon deep into Menite territory, the Grand Scrutator stepped back, surrendering a bit of control to the impeccable Iosian advance.

The Dawnlord advanced and instructed his forces to perform their battle orders in perfect execution to fuel Imperatus. The Stormfall Archers sniped a Vassal. The gun line, in a feat of precision, picked off another. Imperatus, fuelled with the death of the faithful, trampled over the remains of the choir to engage a loyal Heirophant. The Heirophant didn’t have a chance and now Imperatus got bead of Severius. Imperatus stepped up to the leader of the Menite faith… only to find that his swords failed to reach the masked old man. Sensing the direct intervention of the god of Man, Vyros commanded his Manticore to attend him in the hopes of escaping vengeance. He camped his focus and braced for impact.

Whispering thanks to the God of the True Law, Severius allocated all his focus on his instruments of war. A Reckoner slammed the Manticore back and knocked down Vyros. The Vanquishers immolated the downed Dawnlord, but it took a desperate assault from another Reckoner to smite the servant of Scyrah.

Overall Ranks
1. Menoth – Ayo (me)
2. Retribution – Karlo
3. Menoth – Hesed
4. Cryx – Brian

So I won our little event! It was a nail-biter! I was so relieved when we saw that Severius’ move towards the killbox gave him a 1″ clearance from Imperatus’ threat range! Best 2 points I ever surrendered!

My list for the event was:
  • Severius 1 + Heirophant
  • Vanquisher
  • Vanquisher
  • Reckoner
  • Reckoner
  • Max Choir
  • Vassal
  • Vassal
With the resounding victories won that day, the Protectorate of Menoth wrests control of the Appraisery from Khador!

Click here to view the WMH Philippines Warfare 2015 spreadsheet.

Battle report and pics by Ayo Supangco! Originally posted on his blog, The Postmodern Hobbyist. Check it out! Follow Ayo on Twitter (@ohayosupangco) and on his blog (The Postmodern Hobbyist).

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