Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Legion of Everblight Carnivean

A good friend, Taks Arguelles, is in Japan right now, and the discussion over on FB chat went to how he needed Uhu glue to fix a toy he wrecked. I suddenly remembered a useful application of Uhu glue in a Youtube video I watched way back when I was considering Tyranids for Warhammer 40,000. This guy (I'll try to dig up the video) used Uhu glue as slime for his Tyranids which he painted up in the Aliens color scheme. And it got me thinking, why not color up Legion warbeasts in the Aliens color scheme! I did some search fu on Google and found out I wasn't the first guy to come up with the idea. So, I just shrugged, went "what the heck," and looked for the Carnivean that a friend parked here at Castle Black.

A few pulls later, viola! Completely painted and distinctly strong table presence Carnivean!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for following this blog! Good luck, have fun and play like you've got a pair!
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