Monday, April 20, 2015

Critical Hit - Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight's Death's Wings (Tier 1), vs Dominar Rasheth's Chain Gang (Tier 4)

Stanley Chua of Critical Hit Iloilo posted how their crew over there escalated into 50PC gaming! This time it's tooth and claw Destruction with two Hordes forces: Skorne's Dominar Rasheth using a Tier 4 Chain Gang against Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight, and her Tier 1 Death's Wings!

So I've played vs Rasheth with Legion before. With little to no range elements to the list, I feel this will give me all sorts of issues. - Stanley Chua

Legion Turn 1: I win the roll to go first and run everything up. With the movement bonus from the tier bonus, I'm pretty aggressive setting up towards the zone.

Skorne Turn 1: Everything runs up. The gatormen jam the zone and with their tier bonus they just run pass the center line. Note: There's a Gatorman in between the Scythean and Carnivean.

Legion Turn 2: I look at the board and opt not to feat. Between Abby, the Scythean, the unit of bees I manage to kill 4 of the 5 gatormen. I have the Raek kill one of the Agonizers and the Carnivean kill one of the Gladiators and damage another. The other Carnivean damage and engage the Cannoneer. I had fortify on the Scythean and Spiny Growth on the Carni engaging the Cannoneer. Not a bad turn, but not a great one either.

Skorne Turn 3: Skorne's counter punch hurts. In retaliation, I lose the Carnivean, and the Scythean, the Raek has no mind or soul and will most likely frenzy, and my other Carni is pretty damaged. Rasheth Feated.

Legion Turn 3: My Raek frenzies as expected. With me down on attrition, I decide to go for the assassination. I measure distance and I'm about 15" or so away. I attempt to use the forsaken to kill the other Agonizer but failed. So I activate the Seraph and slipstream Abby forward then give her a push. I activate Abby and feat, using the Raek's animus I fly over the Bronzeback and into Rasheth for the assassination win.

Thoughts of the game: 5 Titans... Not sure what to think about this match up. 5 Titans isn't something that I want to see across the table and I can't piece trade effectively. I would need to play against Skorne again to see if Abby stays in the rotation.

50PC Destruction - Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight (Legion of Everblight +3) victorious over Dominar Rasheth (Skorne +1) via assassination. With that victory, the Legion of Everblight makes its way to challenge the Protectorate of Menoth for dominance over Critical Hit Iloilo!

Battle report and images by Stanley Chua. Thanks for reading, and thanks for following this blog! Good luck, have fun and play like you've got a pair!

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