Sunday, April 05, 2015

Arcanopolis - Captain Jeremiah Kraye vs Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (Thagrosh1)

More games over at Arcanopolis Games & Hobby! This time it's Cygnar's cavalry warcaster, Captain Jeremiah Kraye, against the vengeance-seeking Prophet of Everblight, Thagrosh!

Check out the battle report after the page break!

Turn 1 - Legion of Everblight

This is the straightforward "run-everything-up-the-board" turn.

Turn 1 - Cygnar

All Hunters were given 1 focus. After advancing, the Hunters took Long Arm shots against the Blighted Ogrun Warspears, killed one and damaged another. The Cyclones advanced forward. Captain Kraye casted Full Tilt on the Centurion then moved up to the Cyclone on the right. Lastly, the Centurion advanced in the middle of the Cyclones.

Turn 2 - Legion of Everblight 

Threshold checks! The two Ravagores passed their Threshold checks, but the Carnivean failed its threshold check and took out a Blighted Ogrun Warspear grunt! The Ravagore moved up and used its animus, Dragon Fire. With its formidable Blight Breath, the Ravagore dealt considerable damage to the Centurion, some damage to the two Cyclones, but successfully lighting up the Cygnar warjacks on fire! The turn ended with moving up the remaining Legion forces.

Turn 2 - Cygnar

Dragon Fire caused damage on the Cygnaran warjacks. Captain Kraye advanced, casted Guided Fire, took a shot with his Radcliffe Carbine twice at the Prophet of Everblight for 7 damage, and used his feat, Horsepower. The Centurion charged the Ravagor from 11 inches away and dealt tremendous damage to the Legion warbeast with boosted attack and damage rolls. With its Magno Shield, the Cygnaran heavy warjack managed to down a Blighted Orgun Warspear grunt. The two Cyclones charged the Blighted Ogrun Warspear unit, each killing a grunt. One Hunter charged a Ravagore to engage it, while the other took a shot at the Legion warlock. Before ending the turn, the Seeker, Sylys Wyshnalyrr, ran up to Captain Kraye's aid.

Turn 3 - Legion of Everblight

The Ravagore attacked the Hunter, dealing 12 damage with its two Talons. The Carnivean charged a Cyclone, and succeeded in crippling its movement and cortex systems. The remaining Ravagore along with the Prophet of Everblight charged the Centurion, Claws and Rupture shredding metal from the warjack's hull. Despite the massive wreckage dealt to it, the Centurion was still functional. The turn concluded with the Shepherd healed the Ravagore.

Turn 4 - Cygnar

With Parry, a Hunter disengaged safely and took a Long Arm shot at Thagrosh, and dealt some damage to the Legion warlock. A Cyclone advanced towards the Prophet of Everblight and performed a heabutt power attack on the warlock, knocking him down. With its Long Arm cannon, the remaining Hunter brought down the enemy warlock, giving Cygnar the win!

35PC Killbox - Captain Jeremiah Kraye (+2) victorious over Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (+1), via assassination. With that victory, Captain Jeremiah Kraye initialized the domination of Cygnaran influence at Arcanopolis.

Thanks for reading and in advance for the +1! For any comments and questions, please feel free to post on the Comments section of this post. All photos taken by Marc Montalbo. Warfare image and edit by Kim Navarro.
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