Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Bunny Baker - The South Will Rise

Being the last working day of the week prior to Holy Week, Kim Navarro and Fred Escalona decided to take up Kensei Yonzon's invitation for after office gaming over at The Bunny Baker! Ayo Supangco, Karl Manalo and John Zablan were there earlier and some Infinity and Malifaux games were played there, too!

Khador heavy warjacks! Photo by Kim Navarro
Kim Navarro's Butcher3 force. Photo by Kim Navarro
Fred Escalona setting up his Blinwater Congregation force. Photo by Kim Navarro
More pics after the page break!

Khador deploying over the Bunny Baker Silent Hill table. Photo by Kim Navarro
Fred Escalona vs Kensei Yonzon.Photo by Kim Navarro
Obligatory food pic! Mash And Meatballs by The Bunny Baker (get this with an extra order of bacon!) Photo by Kim Navarro
Close Quarters ... obligatory run everyone first turn. Quote and photo by Kensei Yonzon
didn't get to take pics for the rest of the game, but essentially: gators snacked on pigs, but all that pork was just a distraction as Midas won on scenario 5-0. Quote and photo by Kensei Yonzon
  • 50PC Close Quarters - Kommander Zoktavir, the Butcher Unleashed (Khador +3) victorious over Bloody Barnabas (Blindwater Congregation +1) via assassination
  • 50PC Close Quarters - Midas (Thornfall Alliance +3) victorious over Bloody Barnabas (Blindwater Congregation +1) via control points
  • Skorne still dominant over Bunny Baker

Thanks for reading and in advance for the +1! For any comments and questions, please feel free to post on the Comments section. 
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