Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hordak's Fright Zone

The birthday boy himself, Garrick Lee, spent the day in his old cranky fashion - bellowed loud, got good grub, and took lots of snaps. Here's the Fright Zone in Hordak's eyes:

Gorten Grundback alongside his Earthbreaker

Super Shield Guard! Vanguard and Ogrun Bokur!

Yes. It was THAT hot that day~

Running Diablo in my head

Ghetto style grilling - point a fan at the coals!

Chicco Quema

Kim & Tim Cooking Show

GAHDAM! I need to get in shape (but round iz shape LOL)

Serious LAN ensues

Making the most out of my Conquest (this bad boy needs to get a finished paint job)

Jake de Jesus

Romy's Robotech and Cards Against Humanity

The Champion snacking


Hordak's better half and offspring!

Jun Ubay

Level 38 cake shot!

Dick Sy

Fred Escalona

Where's a Menite when we need one?

Fred's Gators vs Kim's Khador

Taks' Mercs vs Dick's Skorne

Blindwater Congregation

Jeff Jongko

Fright Zone gaming!

Fright Zone snacking!

Dan's better half

Chewie... we're home!

Dan Tesoro

P+S what? 22 ^_^

Press Ganger Dan

The third Ork god!

Gaze of Malevolent Intent?

Bloody Barnabas and his Ironback Spitter


Dick Sy

Romy Estrella

Ian Pena

Fred and his apron

Khador vs Gators

Cygnar vs Trollbloods

We need lighter fluid...

Tim Cheng

Taks Arguelles

Midway through the grilling, the burger patties failed us

Grillmaster Fred

Emp Fernando


Jake setting up his Cygnar

Earthbreaker breaking more than just earth

I don't even wanna know what it says on that card

Emp Fernando

Taks Arguelles

Kim Navarro


Trollblood forces take a swift foothold in the Fright Zone, battling through Cygnaran forces but Hoarluk Doomshaper, the Rage of Dhunia, proved to be a formidable opponent to General Adept Sebastian Nemo. Skorne forces were spread thin, crashing against Mercenaries and Khador. Were it not for Khador's Koldun Kommander Zerkova, the Trollbloods would have had a solid grip in the Fright Zone.

Click here to view the WMH Philippines Warfare 2015 spreadsheet. 

All photos by Garrick Lee, captions by Kim Navarro. Thanks for reading, following and +1 for this blog! Good luck, have fun and play like you've got a pair!

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