Thursday, April 09, 2015


To keep on with my practice before taking on that commission work for a friend, I decided to paint up my Ragman. He has been sitting around on my shelf for quite some time now. But since now he's painted, I'll be including him in some of my lists.

A funny story with this model - this is the second Ragman model I bought. The first one that I had was left at Pitshop after an event. Mike Ang assumed it was his and had it painted for his army. When I told him that that was my Ragman, he just said to get a new one from Fortress. And months later, it's now painted.

Glued some sand on the base before priming my Ragman. I used my Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2-in-1 with Vallejo Polyurethane Surface Primer Gray for priming him and the basework.
Airbrushed Vallejo Model Air Dark Earth for initial base color
Added "Wargamer Girl" front arc markers. Yes, I have her permission ^_^
And then suddenly he got painted magically! I got too excited and just Zen'ed away on this guy. I did see some splotches on his collar, and the effect I wanted for his goggles did not come out well. 
Did a few fixes and now I'm happy with the result.
Some pics after he was done (I like playing around with finished minis):

Thanks for reading, and thanks for following this blog! Good luck, have fun and play like you've got a pair!

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