Friday, September 25, 2015

Unstoppable Momentum at the Wolf Lair

Jess' Cryx vs Don's Khador

Fred's Blindwater Congregation vs Clint's Circle Orboros

Wolves of Orboros advance and take ground

A Gatorman Posse advances to meet the Wolves of Orboros

Wolves of Orboros take cover


Gerard's Convergence of Cyriss vs Kei's Cygnar

Cygnar advance up the battlefield

Tony's Cygnar vs Don's Khador

Don's Khador vs J-Chris' Trollbloods

Conquest smashes against Runes of War

Gaming gear

Two Prime Axioms bear down on Blindwater Congregation

Ian's Circle Orboros vs J-Chris' Trollbloods


Hold this objective!



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