Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Makati B&B - Pirate Queen Skarre vs Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper

Makati Beer & Boadrgames regulars, JM Mendoza and Gino Cobarrubias took to the table for some mangled metal action!

Round 1, Turn 1. Cryx horde runs forward.

Round 1, Turn 2. Initial Retribution deployment.

Mage hunters kill one brute. Halbediers advance onto flag on other side.

Round 2, Turn 1. Soulhunters performing Mayweather manuever (run and hug).

Mcthralls advance to contest flag on right. Deathripper advanced and Skarre channeled bloodrain to kill off some halbediers. Banes run forward.

Round 2, Turn 2. Mage hunters kill off most of the mcthralls. Eiryss disrupts Deathripper.

Soulhunters killed, Halbediers entrench themselves onto the nemoy flag. Kaelyssa pops feat to mitigate retaliation.

Round 3, Turn 1. Daragh death rides to create space for Skarre. Skarre backstabs a bane to get into position, dark guidance, pop feat for 5, backlash on an enemy jack. Banes kill the jacks with 3 damage to Kaelyssa from backlash. First line of Halbediers cleared but there was still a second one.

Necrosurgeon returning some mcthralls, who then advance to attack mage hunters. And actually killed some. Deathripper chews up Eiyriss for disrupting him. And sent some banes to help contest flag.

Round 3, Turn 2. Mage hunters kill most of the mcthralls. Solo fails to hit Deathripper.

YMCA guys tactical advance to the rear.

Light warjack left to contest while Kaelyssa goes for other flag.

Round 4, Turn 1. Banes stuck in Halbedier tarpit. Skarre retreats for surgery, only heals 1. :(

Round 4, Turn 2. Kaelyssa channels to kill some banes.

Banes cleared for flag domination. Deathripper evades the solo again. Magehunter makes a lucky shot, deals 9 damage to Skarre, down to 3.

Round 5, Turn 1. Halbediers and light Jack cleared. Necrosurgeon again does only 1 healing on Skarre. Flag control. Right side, skarlock blood rains onto a mage hunter and kills, corrosion on Kaelyssa. Deathripper attacks Kaelyssa, no damage, but contests.

Round 5, Turn 2. Kaelyssa walks away from Deathripper, takes 4 damage in free strike, backlash on Deathripper, then trickbolt for stationary. Mage hunters shoot deathripper, dealing more damage than Gino wanted. 3 damage to Skarre by backlash, down to 1. Mage hunters also try to shoot Skarre for the kill but fails.

Round 6, Turn 1. Gino at 4 control points, JM at 1. Necrosurgeon heals for 2 this time, Skarre up to 3. Skarlock hellfire but misses. Deathripper runs to get LOS to Kaelyssa. Skarre casts hellfire boosts attack needing 8... Hits! Boost damage needing 9 for kill... Gets it! Skarre win by assassination.

50PC Pirate Queen Skarre victorious over Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper, via assassination! Cryx's influence in Makati Beer & Boardgames becomes stronger.

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