Saturday, September 12, 2015

WMH at Fire Sword Cafe

Playing alongside Star Wars Armada with Jeff, Dick and Emp

Kim at Fire Sword Cafe

Sausage with rice and special sauce

Dick and Jeff setting up their game

Raph getting ready for our game

Dick and Jeff at Fire Sword Cafe

No terrain? Never stopped us before!

Trollblood War Wagon wreaking havoc on the Khador front

Butcher3 takes the field

All games welcome at Fire Sword Cafe!

Kei's Cygnar vs Emp's Skorne

Dick and Jeff playing some Star Wars Armada

Cygnar vs Skorne

Empire vs Rebels

Emp and Kei

Kim's Butcher3 force

Prime Axiom vs Mountain King

Kei, Mike, Fire Sword's Raph and Kim

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