Saturday, September 19, 2015

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Gerard's Convergence of Cyriss vs Mike's Protectorate of Menoth

Jon's Convergence of Cyriss vs Dino's Cryx

J-Chris' Trollbloods vs Kei's Cygnar

Fred's Blindwater Congregation vs Benj's Legion of Everblight

Clint's Circle Orboros vs Don's Khador

Fred's Blindwater Congregation vs Mike's Protectorate of Menoth

Don's Khador vs Kei's Cygnar

We just gamed past midnight!

Starting the third set of matches

The Brotherhood!

Hobby Haven Horsemen!

SJ and Chicco drop by for a visit

The Brotherhood of the Wolf

Hobby Haven Horsemen

Match Four!

Wrapping up!

What happens when you get a call like, "Kim, I want to sponsor a tournament this Saturday. Kahit tayo-tayo lang muna. How about it?" I look at the calendar and see it's Wednesday. Last minute announcement SR tournament. Of course as any good Press Ganger, I obliged. We started at 3PM and ended at around 2AM Sunday next morning (Sorry, Mang. Could not make it to your event later! The mind is willing but this fat old body is weak LOL). 

Thanks to Clint Aranas for sponsoring the event and venue! Dino, get some sleep LOL!

Congratulations to Kei Valentin for winning 1st place Champion, Jon Lansang for 2nd place Warlord and Mike Taroy for 3rd place Hero!

Convergence of Cyriss makes a strong foothold in the Wolf Lair, with Cygnar and Protectorate forces left in calculated disarray.

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