Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hobby Haven - VDay Gaming

Let the dice roll! Photo by Chicco Quema

We had some good games in that day! Dick Sy, Jeff Yu and the brothers Quema, Chicco and SJ, started off early. Louie de Guzman and Kim Navarro came in later in the evening. Here's what the lineup looked like:
  • Dick's Tyrant Xeris (Xerxis1) defeats Jeff's Lord General Coleman Stryker (Stryker3)
  • Chicco's Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed (Butcher3) defeats Dick's Tyrant Xeris (Xerxis1)
  • SJ's Borka Kegslayer (Borka1) defeats Jeff's Lord General Coleman Stryker (Stryker3)
  • SJ's Borka Kegslayer (Borka1) defeats Kim's Supreme Kommandant Irusk (Irusk2) via assassination
  • Kim's Supreme Kommandant Irusk (Irusk2) defeats Louie's Captain Allister Caine (Caine2) via assassination
  • Chicco's Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed (Butcher3) defeats Louie's Captain Allister Caine (Caine2) via control points
Hold the line! Photo by Chicco Quema
Press Ganger shink1m (Kim). Photo by Chicco Quema
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