Sunday, February 22, 2015

DC23mecharts - Warmahordes Hills Done!

Photo by Don Suratos

Designed and painted the hills to compliment the cartoon and extreme highlight painting of my miniatures. Not intended to look realistic dioramas! - Don Suratos

Some Terrain Pieces for my Warmahordes! A ton of thanks to Kim Navarro for guiding me with the standard tourney measurements! - Don Suratos
Photo by Don Suratos
Warmahordes hills airbrushed! Base painted with various Vallejo acrylics. Will do washes, drybrushing and a few grass work then will post the finished terrain! - Don Suratos
Photo by Don Suratos
Terrain crafted by Don Suratos. Check Don's blog, DC23-Mecharts; and his Facebook page, DC23-Mecharts group page.

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