Monday, May 18, 2015

The Appraisery - Lich Lord Asphyxious vs Dawnlord Vyros

Originally posted by Karlo Piscano on the WMH Philippines Facebook page. Click here to view the original post on Facebook.

35PC Incursion 2014, Lich Lord Asphyxious (Asphyxious2) vs Dawnlord Vyros (Vyros1)

Cryx deployment
Retribution deployment
The forces of the Dragonfather advance!
The Invictors gun line advance, followed by the Retribution myrmidons
Left flank of the Retribution, composed of Moros and Stormfall Archers, plan on where to go
With Mobility cast by Vyros, Moros enters the forest unimpeded
With Bane Lord Tartarus in the lead, the Bane Knights go up the middle. Lich Lord Asphyxious' blocks the Invictors line of sight with Caustic Mist. Cryx bonejacks along with some Pistol Wraiths close in on the objective.

The Manticore pushes forward and lays down covering fire in front of the Bane Knights
Powered up by an Arcanist, Mobility-enhanced Moros charges a Deathripper

The Retribution Manticore survives a Bane Knight charge!

Bane Knights pour through the tight corridor

The Invictors flank the Bane Knights with the Manticore

With Dawnlord Vyros' Perfect Execution, Retribution combined forces eliminate the Cryx Bane Knights
A Deathripper fails to slam a Banshee as Bane Thralls pour in the opposite side of the board

The Manticore tramples through Cryxian infantry and engages the Lich Lord in melee!
I was able to wipe out the infantry due to the feat. Vyros' feat doesn't look that good but if the circumstances are right like your myrmidon's are bogged down by infantry and have 360 front arc (bird's eye) it can put the laughter back in slaughter. - Karlo Piscano
35PC Incursion 2014 - Dawnlord Vyros victorious over Lich Lord Asphyxious via casterkill. Forces of Retribution of Scyrah increase influence over the Appraisery, but the Protectorate of Menoth remains the dominant faction.

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